Monday, May 30, 2011

Have any sanctified fashion advice? Share!!!

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Make shopping easier by using keywords

When looking for skirts that are not down to the floor but still modestly below the knee, there are key words you can type into a web site's search box. Midi, tea length, or simply below the knee are keywords most websites use for their modest skirts or dresses. And when you are looking for long dresses or skirts, you can use key words like long and maxi.

Cute Rayon Skirt from the Gap

Very funny shirt.

Its time to exercise! Modestly!

What I wear when I exercise.
Yoga skirts with leggings underneath are the best and cheapest way to exercise modestly. A big hoody or top can be used cover the extra giggle that some of us have. All of this can be found at Old Navy. This is also a very comfy ensemble.
*If you giggle a lot, find workout leggings with strong support.

Cool websites I discovered
Name brand formal gowns that you can rent
Resale site where you can sell unwanted clothes, and find great resale bargains such as a pair of Christian Louboutins.
Great site that sales name brand bags for the cheapest price you can find.
This sites shops millions of stores at once.

Banquet, Wedding, or maybe some other fancy event? Need a modest formal gown?

Ever seen a beautiful formal gown, but it just wasn't modest enough? Sometimes shawls aren't good enough. Next time grab a sequin or shiny blouse, and put it right underneath the dress. You will then have nice and elegant sleeves, and the beauty of the dress will still be seen.

Also I just found a great website that allows you to rent elegant gowns. This way you wont be stuck with some pricey formal dress that you will probably never wear. Check it out.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dress or sleeves too long? Hemming tape

Everyone isn't great at sewing, and some of us are height challenged. If you need to hem something such as a sleeve, skirt, or dress, you don't have to sew it. You can hem it with hemming tape. I thought every woman knew about it, but I just told my friend about it the other day and apparently she didn't know. You can buy it at Walmart and other places like Walgreens. It's called hemming tape, and you just iron it on. Look for it in the craft or sewing section.

Is it me? Or did they steal our look?

Well I'm not complaining but, all of a sudden long skirts are sweeping the runway. It's OK. We are here to let the world know, this is not a trend, but a modest fashion . And my designer is Jesus. I rather have Jesus than Gucci any day. My skirt does not save me, but I wear it because I'm save.

Sanctified and Fabulous!

Health Tip:Cinnamon and Honey

Cinnamon and Honey? Who knew?

I was seek a while ago, and my Grandmother was telling me I should drink cinnamon and honey with water everyday, and it just might help my cold. Well of course I'm like really? So when I got home, I looked it up on the net. She was right! Not only does cinnamon and honey strengthens your immune system, but it also cleanses your colon to promote weight loss. It help many other issues, look it up. It works best with unpasteurized honey.

Gel toes

Well the summer is here, and I just found out that you can get gel on your toes just like you do on your fingernails. Well I tried it, and I love it. Plus I heard it can last just about the entire summer. I'm not one to show my toes all the time, but I do want them to look decent. If you hate doing your own feet, making a trip to the nail technician every other week, paying for you feet to look nice every other week then you should definitely try it.

Gel please!